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1515 is the date of the battle of Marignan, but is also the birth of a french princess who became Queen of Scotland : Mary of Guise, mother of Mary Stuart.

Daughter of Claude of Lorraine, she spent her youth in Joinville where she was present at the start of the building of the Château du Grand Jardin.

She married James V, King of Scotland, as part of the Auld Alliance (old agreement between France and Scotland) and followed him in his northern kingdom, where her memory is still very alive today.

She returned to Joinville in 1551.

"Safeguard of Patrimony of Joinville" didn't want to miss out on such an opportunity to celebrate both the Franco-Scottish relations and a famous episode of the History of Haute Marne.

James V and Mary of Guise (1560)

links to websites " Sauvegarde du Patrimoine ",

and " Auditoire de Joinville "

On the right can be seen a portrait which was the inspiration for the poster placed at the top of this page. It is dated 1611.

It is in fact a copy of a lost original, indeed the woman is wearing a dress which was fashonable in the 1550s.

It is very similar to the portrait by Clouet below, realized in 1550-1551.

Musical illustration you are hearing now has been selected :
- among the
music of the Court of Scotland mid-16th century,
- and among the oldest known popular tunes (collected for the first time in 1612 and 1620).

CORONACH (Inverness, Scotland) suggests 3 CD online :

Remember me, my deir
A Scots Tune
Whip my towdie


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